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Washing Machine Safety Advice

Tooday our company have got request for repair top load washer. Unfortunately, in this case it is impossible to repair such a damage. But we would like to explain to our new customers what was wrong with this washing machine in order to prevent the most wrong actions of the owners of top-loading machines. The washing machine was overloaded. The client was washing blankets and pillows. And the drum of the machine was fully loaded, up to the upper limit. Which is strictly prohibited! That's why we decided to write an ADVICE on our Google page to help the owners of the top-loading machines. ❗️ ADVICE: load less than half of the drum! ❗️ And NEVER wash blankets and pillows in the standard home washing machine (there are professional cleaning services for this). So if you want your washing machine to work for a long time - use it carefully and smartly.